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Friday, May 18, 2012

Make the Most of Now

Collage created by Viveksheel for Vodafone Blogging Contest ' Internet is Fun'
Collage created by Viveksheel for Vodafone Blogging Contest ' Internet is Fun' 
At the outset let me first proudly claim that i am a Vodafone post paid user with unlimited data plan. So the  million dollar question " How is internet on mobile fun for me ?" becomes easier to answer !!

I was looking for some statistics as to how most netizens use internet on their mobiles and down below is the pie chart to depict the same. Surprisingly my usage pattern is not much different from the data gathered in general. So here is my laundry list of what i do with the internet on my hand held device.

A) Connect with friends - Of course yes and resounding yes !!  I have Whats App , Facebook , Twitter & Instant Messenger installed and most of my time goes into connecting with friends, checking their status updates, tweeting  messages and following the tits and bits on the go. I travel lots, so updating status message like " In Bangalore for 2 days friends.... care for a hangout ?"  gets responded by couple of my buddies and that's the best part of it. I don't plan to meet , all i do is let my friends know my window of free time and where am I in the town !! I bet, at times you will get responses from friends who are not at all in your radar and meeting them after so long is just too good and refreshing . Very recently I was boarding a flight back to Delhi  and saw a message from an old friend " Sitting in Bangalore Kingfisher Lounge, flight delayed". Wow !! What a chance to catch up again and sip a couple of beers with my college mate. I thanked my hand held once again.

B) Searching weirdest of the topics - No one would debate about the ubiquitous 'Google' / Search Engines and our reliance on them for day to day things be it jobs, information , news,sports ,events , movie bookings , pizza orders,  and what not. At the most weirdest of the times i get a question on my mind and unless and until i find an answer the restlessness does not allows me to relax. So a real life scenario where i woke up at 3 AM in the morning to start IE on my mobile and search " How many calories do i need to burn to loose 10 pounds? ". The background of this question was my high profile meeting with an European delegation and i had to look lean and mean. Another instance when i checked my interviewer's Linked In Profile minutes before i entered his room. He kept on asking my background and i answered confidently making sure i smartly drop in references to his background. I was selected !!

In this era of instant gratification nothing comes to my rescue faster than my mobile  internet when there is a a dire need for information.

Pie Chart of Mobile Usage
Pie Chart of Mobile Usage

C) Entertainment -  This is the best use i make of my unlimited data connection. "Why this Kolaveri Di ?" was a song that i must have played 500 odd times through You Tube. Downloading is definitely an option but i prefer You Tube because depending on  my query it presents options that are very close to my taste. So watching a TV episode (Like Satyameva Jayate) , a new song , chosen few dialogues from hit movies and yes cricket is the best utilization of my free time . I have CricInfo apps on my cell and i don't recall missing out on live commentary from an important match. IPL-5 is the flavour of the season and many a matches have been decided on the last ball. While traveling i have refreshed my Cric Info webpage hundreds of times to be a part of that thrill and anxiety, and the few seconds of wait to refresh heightens my curiosity as to how the fortunes of the teams are swaying.

D ) Shop -  Shopping for me is buying my Air Ticket through Make My Trip , Clear Trip and Yatra on the go. At times i am booked on a late flight and my work gets over early. So the best choice is shop my ticket through my mobile, depending upon prices and availability.

Buying flowers , gifts and movie tickets and phone banking is another good use of secured technology on handsets.

So all in all, as my collage of Zoo Zoo depicts internet on mobile is fun. I can't imagine my life without using my gadget for entertainment , connecting with friends , playing games and doing shopping.

If you want to know what all  you can do with internet on your mobile check this out !!


This post won me a runners up prize :):)

Runner's Up in Vodafone Blogging Contest
Runner's Up in Vodafone Blogging Contest