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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Knowledge is Great - London Business School Calling

Studying in UK

Knowledge is Great’ and if acquired in Great Britain it is greater. When I set this premise for myself there has to be a sound argument to validate and substantiate my decision. To set the context right I will throw some light on my profile that reads 7 years in shipping, 2 Years in a top notch B School in India and then 7 years of Sales & Marketing in world’s best IT companies. For more details of my work experience and employment details please feel free to check my Linked In profile. Owing to my two stints each, of 7 years in different segments I realized that there is something called ‘A seven year itch’. All the qualification and experience can serve us good for next 5 years or at the max 7 years (as in my case) and then we have to reinvent ourselves. Acquiring new knowledge is always great and to do so why not go back to the classroom where it all originally started.

Why MBA?

In the next stage of my career I want to explore newer industries, work in newer geographies and pursuing a MBA at London Business School (LBS) aptly serves my purpose. The academic rigor, the extraordinarily talented classmates, the world class faculty, the exposure to a curriculum that meets global business needs is what LBS promises and I would like to go for a MBA degree from this reputed and prestigious institution.

Class profile of MBA 2015 at London Business School
The 400+ students in the class of MBA 2015 were hand-picked from more than 2000 applications.
Class of MBA2015

My Remarks
Number of students 

Average age 
28.6 years 

Age range 
23-39 years 
I am 34 and a good time for me to pursue a 2nd MBA
Average work experience 
5.5 years 
I have 7 years of relevant Work Ex after graduation degree.
Work experience range 
2-12 years 

Average GMAT score 
Should be able to make a cut
GMAT score range 

Percentage of female students 
Inclusive participation
Nationalities represented 
Percentage of international students 
Healthy Mix

Why MBA from London School of Business?

I have been enamored by London Business School (LBS) and have always dreamt of doing MBA in Marketing from here. LBS needs no introduction and is recognized amongst world’s top business school with finest of the teachers, best in class amenities and distinguished alumni. London Business School has been ranked number one internationally for its two year MBA programme by Forbes, for the third time running.  

A small video clip from You Tube to showcase ‘Why London Business School’ makes sense.

Benefits and Career impact

Recruiters recognize a degree from an international institution very positively because it gives the candidate a chance to acquire ‘global outlook’. This quality is very important for prospective leaders as they need to manage the businesses across geographies and will need skills like critical analysis and reasoning skills, initiative and creativity, flexibility and diversity. Moreover qualifications earned in UK add lots of weightage to the resume, help in getting salary hikes and also in taking up leadership roles. To realize our own career potential as a world-class business leader we need an investment, a commitment, a determination, an ambition to pursue knowledge. Once we reach the pinnacle of our trades we will certainly agree that ‘Knowledge is Great’.

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Arvind Passey said...

Written like a management pundit... with stats and logic all around. :)

Arvind Passey

Viveksheel said...

Arvind Sir !! What else do you expect from a B School Grad planning for a 2nd MBA ;) :) I am glad you read all those stats :D

Bikram said...

so are you in london then now .. or planning to come over..

do contact.. I am in uk tooo sir


Viveksheel said...

Hi Bikram,

The best laid plans even need a window of realization and i am still looking for that opportune moment to come to LBS :) :)