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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sunny Leone's entry in Bigg Boss 5

Hot Sunny Leone in Big Boss
Hot Sunny Leone

I have been seeing and reading lots about Sunny Leone on (Indian) TV, Print media and Internet these days. This made me think about her and what she signifies or stands for. My next post will decipher the impact of  Sunny Leone's presence in bigg boss house, and her latest bollywood offers for doing movies.

Keep glued !!

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DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420) said...

Don't waste a post for her !
particularly i hate BIG BOSS and Indian media for giving so much importance to a women who sells her body and everything..
It is her own choice and she has all right to do what she like to, what the hell with us ? to crown a porn actress ?
is this India ?

subhorup dasgupta said...

I have found the entire issue of Sunny Leone and Big Boss very interesting for totally different reasons. here we are in a repressive society, with huge doses of moral policing for all forms of public expression, and this TV show manages to pull off the unthinkable. Adult entertainment (also known as ****) is now a national prime time dinner table topic in the presence of guddi and sasuma. Regardless of the ethicality of bringing her on the show, I think this has led to a big time step for Indian prudishness. Whether the step is a step forward or a step backward, only time will tell.

Viveksheel said...

Deepak and Subhorup thanks for your comments first of all. I thought of writing on this whole issue because i am in deep pain and anguish. I won't say that she is all wrong because in her western world it is an acceptable occupation and even legalised. No point blaming her for coming to Bigg Boss. I have certain issues to write about and they would be like Our Indian mindset, Family values , Changing diaspora of TV and Internet and what are possibilities in the future. Most importantly i want to literally abuse people who find 'true potential' in personalities like SL.