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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Decoding Sunny Leone

Over the past few weeks the media, the newspaper and internet have gone berserk in reporting about Ms. Sunny Leone. Nothing sells faster than sleaze, sex and scandals and the marketers and news makers know this mantra. Even if you consider the print media, reports about molestation and assault on women are read with more interest than other important issues. Probably that is the reason it is more sensationalized as it gives vents to one’s inhibited fantasies.  The moment we are faced with a prospect of involvement in a tabooed topic the involvement quotient becomes higher. (I will use SL for Sunny Leone hence forth)
Let me try deciphering SL in multiple ways. Before we delve further, to clarify, I am addressing SL as a whole, the part that has been shown to us so far and the ulterior motives of people who have brought her in the system.

Sunny Leone  entry in Big Boss 5
Sunny Leone - The Bombshell

1.    Free market – A free market is a competitive market where prices are determined by supply and demand. Here in this case the audience is demanding certain level of content and the media is supplying the same. There cannot be curbs imposed on the demand as people end up finding multiple channels to satisfy their needs / urges. If the forbidden fruit is keep under wraps the levels of curiosity and perversions rise. SL has in a way legalized this search that was earlier done in secrecy. Her message is clear; I am here to supply what you want.

2.    The Original – I have been taught from my childhood days that if you are original and you have good content you will always succeed. There are good channels, print media, journals, literature that have wide acceptance in the masses because of the quality and the value they add. Flimsy things will vanish as quickly as their meteoric rise. 

Here there is a segment of people who are trying to ‘sell through’ SL in order to get higher viewership and TRP ratings, finding ways to gain publicity in the quick run. Now one interesting thing I would like to point out here. In this era of instant gratification when the span of the mind is getting shorter and shorter there are people who are making millions in this short run. Consider cases of Shah Rukh Khan who could get a positive ROI on a trash like ‘Ra One’. So here again SL proves that I know I am short lived and will never match the content but what I provide has a quality and will earn all of us money.

3.    Acceptance is deeper – I have been toying with the idea for the last fortnight that how criminals commit a heinous act, how we know gods existed, how we know there is a world beyond , how we know about so many things that are abstract and abstruse. The answer is simple; before we act we think and we visualize; we imagine and prepare a blueprint. The vague thoughts find a real running example on the idiot box and the clutter gets cleared. We then act.

Sunny Leone in Indian Outfit
Sunny Leone in Indian Outfit

4.    Handing Baton to Gen X – I did spend some good time working in US and came across NRI’s on various occasions. During events they sang Indian songs, performed on hit Bollywood numbers and gathered attention of the whites under the garb of “Pseudo Indian”. These parents felt happy when their kids gathered praise for their Indian values, culture and upbringing. Somehow I felt the hollowness in their eyes. A true national from their very own country could easily make out how little they had to give back to the next generation. They have adjusted to the limit possible and accommodated to the hilt, all for the sake of a ‘better future’.

SL is a giving of the Gen X and is another bug fix for more customization. My only worry is after so many fixes the original Indian might even feel alien in his own land. There has been a gradual degradation of our minds and if there will be no one left to preserve and nothing to preserve we will be like ships without an anchor.

Sunny Leone as Anarkali
Sunny Leone as Anarkali

5.    The Hypocrisy & the Metamorphosis – I openly accept we are a nation of Hypocrites, praising things at one moment and denying then later for personal gains. Historically India as a nation has been open, warm and inviting expats. Our culture shaped up over the centuries with influences from multiple foreign invaders and dynasties. One thing that remained common all across was our willingness to adapt and appreciate ‘right things ‘. We have been good observers and equally good learners. During the last two decades I have seen more adoption of the liberal views than anything else. On one side there is a wave of multinationals and the world that has no boundaries, one the other hand there is an urge to limit ourselves. Here again we end up being hypocrites and act in a way suitable for the moment.

SL stands for metamorphosis and makes a mockery of our double standards. We are labeled as ‘hot’ and sex starved nation and on the other hand we talk of a restrained culture. Let’s choose our stand that is what SL is asking us!! The important thing here is how we will switch from one identity to another and can we remain fixed to our new face. The choice is between being a conservative and a liberal!

6.    SL is even a ‘Woman’ – The most important aspect of SL is that she herself is a woman. The atrocities against women are rising day by day and she is more often than not treated as an object. Every other day the news headlines are hit by MMS scandals, rape cases , assaults ,molestation of the unsuspecting females who become victim of ‘bastards’.

Ms. SL I understand you are in the adult entertainment industry and according to the western world your job is dignified and is completely legalized. Few Questions for you:

Are you not promoting yourself as an ‘object’? Are you not degrading the value of your own clan? Are you not portraying to the masses what dignified job has earned you a better career? Are you not showing the girls a shortcut to fame, glamour and money?

Sunny Leone Doing Pole Dance
Sunny Leone Doing Pole Dance

7.    A role model - My last observation is for Mr. Mahesh Bhatt. What ‘potential’ did you find in her?? Why do you want to give to the Indian audience reasons to celebrate sleaze?? Why can’t you find a better idol for the masses than SL and such similar ladies in the past?? You have a reply to give because years later when you are dead and nailed people will be at a discomfort because of your cheap acts in the present. Your contribution to the society will never be seen in good light.

Sunny Leone with Mentor Mahesh Bhatt
Sunny Leone with Mentor Mahesh Bhatt



Readitt said...

that was a igniting discussion,,

its true , the keyword sex sells high in the media..

good post vivek

DK said...

Sir, are you obsessed with LEONE ?
this is your 2nd post on her i guess :)
This will certainly improve google traffic :)

Viveksheel said...

DK Sir !! I am obsessed with the nuisance she represents and Mr Mahesh Bhatt. It's just that people like these disturb the fabric of the society and i am worried about the future. These people can happily co exist with all of us but not in the mainstream. I oppose it vehemently !! Now you consider it my obsession or waste of time. I am doing it.

Deguide said...

Vivek, if we assume Kamasutra is an export from India than porno is an import with foreign artists. More and more Russians and Ukranian women are now invading Bollywood as extras in dancing . I am sure they will find their niche in wooing customers apart from displaying their powrress in dancing. So the life has come a full circle for us whether we like it or not. We accept foreigners as porno stars rather than Indians.

Viveksheel said...

Umesh Sir -These poor girls are here to make money :):) Jokes apart everyone wants to be here in this very country to earn name, fame and money all because we are 1/6th of the world's population and the future belongs to us.

Thanks for reading my post !!