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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Agneepath - First Day First Show

I am just back after watching ' Agneepath ' and trust you me, this was first time i ever i watched a movie on the first day that too first show. The experience has been mind boggling, awesome , superb , fantastic, impressive , interesting , excellent , exceptional , and one of a lifetime !! Before i write anything more, all i can say is don't go and watch the movie....................just run and grab yourself a seat.

Katrina Kaif in Agneepath
Agneepath - Movie Review
The promos were intense and did show a glimpse of what to expect but the overall movie has shaped up so well that this kind of effort happens once in a blue moon. When ' Chikni Chameli ' was aired and Ms Katrina Kaif became the talking point i even thought this will be a ok movie with a blockbuster 'item number'. But No! i was wrong and Karan Malhotra and Karan Johar have fabulously produced a gem of a masterpiece. Their have woven their craft of direction, production,songs,sequences, dialogues so amazingly well that one is left asking for more and more.

Let's talk about some acting now. Hrithik has once again proved that he is the right contender of 'Mr Perfectionist' after Aamir Khan. He has done full justice to an aggrieved son's role who has to wait for 15 years to get revenge for his dad's murder. It looks to me that none in this entire industry could have brought out the brutality and wickedness of a satan other than our 'Kancha Cheena' - Sanjay Dutt. He suited so much in this role that it makes us wonder if he should re invent 'madness in the badness'. Priyanka is a seasoned actress and needs no mention, only flowers of praise and appreciation for her commendable performance. Very naturally she carries it forward from her role as a slum girl in 'Kaminey' . Now let's come to the surprise package of the movie and i will give this gift hamper of praise to Rishi Kapoor. Wow ! Of all the movies you have acted in your heydays this one stands out. Your acting in a negative role has a hefty weight and none can ignore your stupendous effort. 'Special thanks to Katrina ' says the cast in the beginning and i would agree with the producers. Katrina's acrobatics and athleticism  as 'Chikni Chameli ' has raised the benchmark for the artists as well as the choreographers. The song is full of energy and exceeds all the parameter for an item number.

Agneepath Movie Review
Agneepath - Moview Review
All in all this is a movie that one should watch without fail. I give full marks and all five stars to this amazing movie. Most importantly this movie did not belittle the performances of Amitabh Bachhan and other artists in the original cast. I had this skepticism that this remake might not even come half way closer to the the first one , but Karan's Agneepath is refreshing ,promising and very well made.

Congratulations to the crew and the entire cast for putting in an effort that demands a wow and a bow . Well Done ! 



bpandey said...

IN our daily language FADDU ....MInd blowing , mind boggling ..... No one should not miss this movie....even u have to rent money frm someone ....
HATS OFF to the entire team...TAKE a BOW

BIGGEST BLOCKBUSTER.....I am going to watch it again 7 times more...n who knows even more....WOW WOW WOW WOW

rajsuryan said...

acting was no doubt very good. every1 put his/her best but story line was pathetic..Hritik was so much beaten was so much dominated by sanjay.. huh..couldn't digest. would say climax was lull.