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Thursday, July 11, 2013

How to beat Global Recession ??

Are you looking for answers on "How to beat Global Recession " ??  Read my take and simple to do tasks to bring certainty and stability in your life.

Global Recession and its consequences
Global Recession and its consequences

Global Recession , Economic Turmoil , Political Instability and Changing world order are words the entire civilization is being exposed to, in some form or the other. There is a wave of uncertainty, fear and the unknown all telling on our day to day lives and if i drill down to the last element- " Our Careers" . Since the countries ,economies ,industries are in a bear hug so are our careers. It was uncommon for our fathers and forefathers to link back their labor with the output of the organisation they served, but not any more. A bad financial sector , stagnant real estate , fewer jobs and couple of sectors crumbling under recession can all join to tell you a story. If my product or services are not being sold they point out to the demand and supply imbalance and how interwoven each country's fate is and so of its citizen's. When we are able to link backward and forward the consequences of decisions in the past and can also foresee the future to some extent ,does it mean that we need to panic?? Should we base all our decisions on the present scenario ?? My simple answer is NO !!

The best career advice or mantra that i have learnt over the years is " See the Big Picture" . As they say in microeconomics,a long run curve is made up of couple of short run curves so is the case with our careers. A successful career is defined by achievements , laurels , contribution , individual satisfaction and pride over the long run. While we all put in our very best in day to day short runs, we should always remember that the yardstick of  measurement spans two to three decades of meaningful work. Today the times might be hard but that is when the mettle of people who are strong willed with steely nerves comes to fore. Yes employment , profession, job  are key factors for a stable life and happiness but what if the churn factors are already defined and one has to accept them as a precondition. Tough times do not last tough men do - An old saying but very apt in today's perspective. I have been debating with self as to what should be my course now ?? Where should i head for ?? What are my alternatives ?? What is the plan for the future ?? So many questions that i need to find an answer to before i can ride these short curves of stability and instability.

 If the entire sentiment is negative and there is an economic gloom staring at all of us what are we supposed to do ?? There are few choices that i have made and i will like to share with you all. Firstly i will not press the panic button and avoid passing the undue stress to my family. The stories of constant fear , retrenchment , job losses , bad debts or worst of all , no employment are everywhere. I will share peoples anxieties,show empathy and help people as much as i can. Secondly i will start believing in my capabilities more strongly and will unearth my hidden potential. I will open up to newer possibilities , newer thoughts and accept that change is the only thing that is constant in life. Thirdly i will up skill myself and will spend time adding more knowledge , more substance and more content to what i already know. Lastly the most important of all, i will manage my life and my family more efficiently by which i mean i will live a simple yet decent life. I will not indulge in irresponsible luxury, wastage of resources and will take austere measures. The issues of hunger , global warming , recession all are by products of greed and excesses. Penny saved is penny earned and being prudent with whatever  resources i have, is the need of the day.

To sum it up all, i would say is work hard , be honest to yourself, be optimistic,cheerful and  enjoy your work and life . Answer your doubts with resolutions, create activities for stagnant work , believe in your abilities , show care for people and be willing to take that extra pressure with a smiling face .

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