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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Visit to Delhi Zoo

I visited Delhi Zoo last Sunday i.e. 6th of Jan ,2013 and the interesting thing about the day was the temperature. The mercury dipped to 1.9 deg and this was the lowest in the last 21 years during winters in Delhi.  The outing was great and got an opportunity to see many animals in real, after quite a long time. I clicked these pictures with my blackberry curve and sharing it with friends to register this event on my blog as opportunities like these, do not arise that often.

Delhi Zoo Location - Google Maps
Delhi Zoo Location - Google Maps

Enjoy !!

Delhi Zoo Guide for the Visitors
Guide for the Visitors

Water Birds in Delhi Zoo
Water Birds

Black Buck in Delhi Zoo
Black Buck

Deers in Delhi Zoo

Bear in Delhi Zoo

Hippopotamus in Delhi Zoo

Crocodile in Delhi Zoo

Emu in Delhi Zoo

Elephants in Delhi Zoo



Debopam said...

Visiting in zoo in winter is really fun.....

sunil deepak said...

Not a single picture of painted storks - they are my favourites in Delhi zoo! :)

Viveksheel said...

Hi Debopam !!

This was indeed a great outing and spending 2-3 hours in the 'wilderness' that too when it was chilling cold added to the pleasure. Even the animals co -operated by coming out in the open :):)

Viveksheel said...

Hi Sunil Deepak !!

Oops i missed your favorite painted storks. Next time when i visit the zoo they will be the first one i will go out and see. Thanks for dropping by !!

Desi Traveler said...

Reminded me of my visits to Delhi zoo when I lived there.