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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Women Intimate Health

“Women’s intimate health, should the issues remain hushed or is it time we spoke out?”

Intimate Issues of Women
Intimate Issues of Women

Let me list out some of the keywords that will relate to 'Women's Intimate health ' for e.g. Mensuration , Pill, Abortion, Contraceptives, Sanitary pads, Sex , Pregnancy and Gynecologist. How do you like reading all of them in a single stream ?? Are you comfortable choosing any of them for a dinner discussion with your wife , daughter or girl friend  along with the family ?? If i say it is time we spoke out would we be able to openly debate and discuss inviting equal participation from females ? How can this be perceived ?   What message will we send out to the masses at large ?? 

I am not comfortable discussing  these issues of women in the same way as  i shy from talking about Men infertility, Premature Ejaculation , AIDS or STD's. Why an open debate only about women why not also men?? Does it mean that  i cannot empathize with women's issues ??I agree that statistics show women's health as compared to men, in a state of more plight in the country owing to the lack of awareness. The lack of awareness concerns women more rather than men but the core issue remains the same - The issue is considered taboo be it for men or women. So what can be done and is there a feasible way out ?? Here is my view point !!

Between a man and a woman there exists an invisible veil of modesty , respect and feminism. You breach it only when you choose her as a life partner and she gives herself to you with consent. Apart from being a husband and wife no other relationship allows a man to get into the intimate and personal zone of a woman. Is breaching that gap in public domain a good step ?? Will  women feel comfortable ?? Are we not suggesting with our debate that things so personal to her are just to common to be made public ?? In my understanding this will be considered demeaning for the women folk or  will take away the quotient of coyness from the word 'Woman'.

Woman more often than not are perceived as 'objects' and their involvement in such discussions can cast wrong impressions. Women who are too bold ,aggressive and extrovert are labeled as 'easily available' . The above traits i mentioned are usually judged by external looks and behaviour, what if one indulges in issues whose meaning is not so hidden ??Knowing the fabric of the Indian society ,the masses in general would not appreciate such a move.

So far i listed out that the topic of intimate health, either or women or men is not a tea time discussion. Moreover women can get a wrong tag and their image can be misconstrued. Then how do we spread the word ?? How do we share information ?? How to we improve the health standards of women ?? How we make sure that every woman has access to healthcare and as an individual has her dignity intact ??

Every idea , every concept needs to be sold and for which it needs to be marketed well. Acceptance of an avant-garde step comes slow and most of the time doesn't even.  Let me use Mobile technology to help our case because the most accessible means for a majority of population is a Mobile handset . Healthcare companies in collaboration with IT firms can develop a widget that contains all the information about a women's health and a guide to avail healthcare . Let this be a free download on all the smart phones. The basic phones don't have internet facility still sms's can be pushed in. The service providers can share the data about the women users with the Authorized Government bodies and Self help groups and sms's can be send to start a communication. Service providers like Airtel , Vodafone, Tata can 
take up this initiative as a part of their Corporate social responsibility . A discussion  can be started with the public through group chats, messages and meetings. Once there is a momentum in the masses anything can be made acceptable. There is a need to first build a consensus on important issues rather than making them only juicy and spicy. 

If there is a will there is always a way. I am open to debate how can we spread awareness among women, how can we help there cause but what i am not supportive of, is a open debate in the full glare without even building a consensus !!

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