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Thursday, June 07, 2012

ShahRukh Khan and his Acrobatics

Shahrukh Khan and Middle Age Anxiety
Shahrukh Khan and Middle Age Anxiety
Age does wonders to people,some age gracefully some learn to do somersaults after crossing 40. Indeed not a mean feat by any standards, and if the person in question is the crowd puller SRK, nothing is impossible.  If 'Sachin the Tendulkar' can spend good bucks to get his mane straightened why can't SRK learn some acrobatics befitting of a teenager? Both according to me have lots left to achieve, and they have just started :):) Isn't it unfair of us to dub all this song and dance as 'Mid life crisis' ?? It's entertainment at the cost of these geniuses which anyone would gleefully see !!

What if SRK smokes in a stadium , What if he gets into a ugly brawl at MCA in Mumbai? What if he is practicing for Olympic games live on the national television? What if he fancied to immortalize himself by doing a  Ra.One ?  He has been an entertainer throughout his career and his performances have been lively , promising , crowd pulling and surprising, say in recent times. When he started as a Fauji we all watched with keen interest , when he played a Kkkkkkkirannnnn we made his stammer a trademark, when he reigned as a Baazigar, Baadshah and Don we crowned him. So many memorable roles over the years that its but natural anyone would not understand the adulation graph going down. That's the curious case of SRK !! 

Of late i have been noticing a particular ad ' Have i made it large ??' in which SRK figures. For a moment i am trying to put myself in his shoes and ask the same question. But seriously i am engulfed by self doubt that should i really be asking this ?? So why is SRK asking this question to himself daily ??
At your stage there should be no butterflies in the tummy, no insecurity , no fear to fall freely because you were never a role model. You have been an entertainer and that's what we have been clapping for.
So is there is a shift in SRK's mind that since the years to perform are counted he ought to change over to a larger than life figure ?? 

Cultivating an image or building a personality takes years and if we never considered it , why now?? Why not stand for what we represent? Why not do what the masses want to see ?? Why not believe in our abilities and not get prejudiced with the fact that the world is getting younger day by day?
So till the point you want to entertain us like ever before i don't mind seeing your kiddish and immature ways in the public domain. If the agenda is to get holier and start preaching the world i am not the one to see you somersaulting !! 



Bikramjit said...

well said, I guess he is more afraid now because the popularity is going down, his latest movies are not doing well.
and hence all the acrobatics to be in public eye one way or the other ..
that is what i think

no doubt he is a brilliant actor, or i shud say he WAS, because if you pick the latest movies its the same sort of roles and same sort of expressions in the same situation ..
he is not adding anything new
just my view that is ...