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Sunday, June 30, 2013

What's your Social Media Score ??

Every individual born on this planet must have distinct credentials to secure employment , perform at his work place, earn recognition and his/her livelihood. These could be college degrees to support qualification , skill sets in niche areas to certify competence and certificates of distinction  to provide merit to the profile.

What if i say, in the very near future there will something unique called "Social Media Score" that will be a major deciding factor for recruiting , screening and doing background checks ?

Let me explain what do i mean by the term "Social Media Score".

Barack Obama has a very high Social Media Score
Barack Obama has a very high Social Media Score

In today's era every individual has an Avatar -A virtual existence that has given birth to alias(es) / parallel existence. These identities are real yet unreal ,unreal yet real !! Confused aren't you ??

There is an interesting article "The Influence of the Avatar on Online Perceptions of Anthropomorphism, Androgyny, Credibility, Homophily, and Attraction" by  &  from the Department of Communication Science ,University of Connecticut. 

Be it professional or social networks everyone wants to portray the better side of him or her on the virtual platforms . These could be Linked In , Monster ,Facebook , Twitter , Digg , Pinterest , MySpace , Tumblr etc. If we analyse our Avatar we find that one side it shows the professional side of ours, and the other is personal when we are among our family and friends . We might be cautiously interacting over professional networks but not necessarily on a social networking site. Our comments , interactions are an activity of leisure that give us fun, happiness and make us feel connected. So activities like pictures showing you drunk , romancing with your lover, booze party , fun at the beach , night outs do give some cues to your personality. If an institution like Google or Facebook decides to integrate our entire web presence and uses Analytics to profile our Avatar what will be the outcome ?? It will be a value , a relative assessment , a number , a classification , a class and possibly a score that will be assigned to each individual which will be called  "Social Media Score"

Since the jobs are already broken down to the last mile of skills , requirements , qualifications and experience our resumes will not be a deciding criteria for selection in the near future. This will be taken for granted that one is suitably qualified but what cannot be assessed in the preliminary findings is your humane side. All the Analytics that will be done on your Avatar in the virtual world will be combined with your real life  persona and presence. Then will emerge out a holistic picture of the individual and his ability to be deployed for a particular job or function. At present this might not be the norm but recruiters are using social media for hiring decisions now.   The recruiters might not dig out your old laundry but they will be certainly interested in What is that you post ? Who all are you connected with ? How do you come across as person ? The legitimacy of such an approach might take few years to come but the day is not far when every individual will wear on his sleeve his 'Social Media Score'. The more you improve on your personality the chances are, it gets better and better . Who knows your prospective girlfriend / boyfriend  starts using this score too ??

BTW What's your Social Media Score ??

Social Media Score Card
Social Media Score Card



Saru Singhal said...

Interesting, I bet mine is very low. I have to work hard on it.

Viveksheel said...

Hi Saru!!

If there is a tool to measure our scores i bet i am way behind you:):)


Prasad Np said...

Very interesting...let me check if I have a score or still on a duck... :)

Viveksheel said...

Hi Prasad !! I wrote about a futuristic concept that is coming into existence slowly. There is no tool as of now to find about one's Social Media score but very soon you will hear about it.

Thanks for dropping by .

Cheers !!