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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Do you have the power to Pee ??

If you think that you have the power to pee, it is right but does your pee have power ?? . What an absurd thought to be writing about, that too when i am suggesting that even the call of nature is not all waste and has wider implications . Alas! There are instances that show how my statement transcends individual biases, interpretations, feelings, imaginings and prove it correct.

Those treacherous moments hit the young and the old , the rich and the poor , male and female in equal measure but to the exclusion of our Politicians.Very recently our Ministers pee-ed on some important files that were related to Coal block allocations and the stink is filling the entire Parliament with allegations and abuses. The Pee muddle has washed all the ink and vanished all the important documents related to the case and also exonerated the entire machinery from getting implicated .In the past all such investigations that have been set up to inquire Fodder scam , Bofors scam , CWG scam , Defence Scam , Railway scam , 2 G Scam for embezzlement's met the same fate. This is what i call the 'Power to Pee' and / or 'Pee Power' which is not granted to ordinary citizens of our country.

Power to Pee in India
Power to Pee in India
Powerful 'Pee(rs)' in government , various organisations and  bodies enjoy similar spraying rights too . Take for example Ms Sonia Gandhi , Mr. Manmohan Singh ,Mr. Suresh Kalmadi , Mr. Sharad Pawar, Mr N Srinivasan ,  Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav , Ms Mayawati , Mr. Lalu Yadav ; the list is endless . These figures in their individual capacities have all the audacity to pee on our faces and still expect us to relish the muck. They are aware that credibility , integrity , accountability are only words that can at best rhyme . So they keep on rhyming the age old defense of being innocent and unaware of their misdeeds and keep wetting our pants with burdens and sufferings.

So an ordinary law abiding citizen answers the nature's call in a proper location if he is fortunate enough to afford , or else open toilets , streets corners , pavements , fields have ample capacity to absorb. Where as  the rich and the powerful , the thieves and the dacoits , the immoral and the corrupt hold it for a larger cause. They work on their endurance , their shamelessness and immorality  to pee at all of us at a later stage. The places of their undoing are public funds , common infrastructure , individual careers and future , food and shelter, national security and administration etc. which have double the capacity to absorb the wrongdoings. Such is the nature and  fabric of governance in India that being resilient is the only option; and praying that Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) will dig out 1000 tonnes of gold from a village in Unnao (Uttar Pradesh, India) , to end our woes.

How else can i put it more blatantly that our right to vote did not give 'Power to People' but instead gave our politicians the 'Power to Pee' !!                                                              



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